roofing accessories

Roofing Accessories

Along with roofing sheets, Purlins, and other associated component (e.g sag rods) we also manufacture the related or corresponding Roofing Accessories to give the structure a perfect look.  The finishing touches on a metal buildings should not only support the styling architecture, but effectively protect it against rain & other potential weather damage.

SAI ROOF offers the following accessories for our valuable customers.

roofing accessories

Roofing Accessories Roofing Accessories Roofing Accessories


A  prefabricated  building or structure, informally called a PRE-FAB, is a building that is designed, fabricated & erected using 3-plate technology which is manufactured in house at our works & dispatched in ready to assemble condition at site.

This methodology gives a quality product & saves time in completion of overall project. We are in a position to execute a complete PEB project including civil work, structural work & sheeting.


To give the structure a perfect look we also offer crimped sheets to our valuable customers. These sheets enhances the appearance & increases the esthetic  looks of industrial building & warehouses, commercial complex & residential projects.

Benefits of using our crimped sheets are

  1. Zero leakage at the bends as it is a seamless curvature.
  2. These sheets require less supporting framework.
  3. Flexible curvatures.
  4. Good esthetic looks at economical price



These are circular rods with threading at both ends. These act as support between Z purlin to avoid any sagging of the purlin & are fastened to the web of the purlins. The roof coverings in industrial buildings are not rigid and do not provide proper support. Therefore sag rods are provided between adjacent purlins to extend lateral support for the purlins in the weaker directions. The number of sag rods to support each purlin depends upon the length of the purlin & load to be supported. They also help to hold the purlin in line until the roof coverings is applied. Thus the sag rods manufactured by us most suitable for our purlins & roofing sheets.sairoof

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Roofing Accessories