Our secondary structural framing members refer to Purlins C Section and Z Section.

These sections are cold roll formed from steel which has a maximun yield strength of 345 N/MM2

 Purlin is a horizontal structural member which supports Roof Coverings. It also saves 35-40% in weight & 20% in cost when compared to Conventional Hot Rolled angles & C Sections. We supply these sections in required length with Pre-Punched holes.c purlins, z purlins

This high grade steel conforming to ISO 2062 or equivalent  available in 1.75 mm, 2.0 mm, 2.25mm,2.50mm & 3mm thickness & length as per requirement. 

Advantages of our Purlins are

  1. Pre-punched holes to fit on to the cleat welded on portal.
  2. Time & cost saving & easy in erection.
  3. Zero wastage as it comes in exact fitment length.
  4. Dimension consistency due to roll form process.
  5. Low transportation cost due to decreased weight.


Our Purlins are available in the following sizes :
Web       : 100 mm to 300 mm

Flange   : 40 mm to 70 mm

Lip         : 20 mm

Thickness : 1.75 mm to 3 mm

purlin cleats assembly

We manufacture Purlins as per customer’s requirement.

What is the function of a Purlins?
Purlin functions as a form of support for rafters & are horizontal members in a building or a structure. They are used to increase roof spans without the need for increasing rafter size or compromising wall stability.
Purlins are also used to build wider roofs, as they provide mid-span support. In addition, they increase the rigidity of the roof & support the overall weight of the roof deck. In steel construction purlins are used as roof framing members that support the roof sheeting and side cladding.

Our Z & C purlin product consists of fully compatible range of section profiles made from cold rolled steel in depths ranging from 100 mm to 300 mm. In addition our sections come with a wide range of compatible accessories. These accessories enhance the aesthetics of your shed.